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Acoustic Enclosures

All acoustic doors are made to meet our customer’s requirements, they reduce noise entering and leaving a room. They are typically made up of acoustic foam and barrier then sealed around all the edges to combat noise disturbance. We complete our acoustic doors to the customer’s specifications in both performance and finish.

We were contacted by one of our repeat clients which is a large nationwide convenience store chain. They had been shut down due to noise pollution coming from a large condensing unit, we sent one of our acoustic engineers out to take a reading and establish the best process to reduce the noise coming from the unit. After taking in to consideration the reduction needed for the store to re-open he decided the best treatment would be to build an acoustic enclosure around it. The enclosure consists of a 5kg sound barrier FR class foam, with a built in air vent for air to travel through produced from 1 mm galvanised steel.  We achieved the target reduction which meant the store was up and running again in no time.

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