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Acoustic Louvres Installation

Louvres have become the go to product for providing ventilation and delivering appropriate acoustic treatment. We design and supply acoustic louvres too many industries such as retail and industrial, they all meet ventilation requirements whilst providing clients with their desired noise reduction.

For small units we would use an attenuator but for large scale they may restrict the airflow and then be detrimental to the effect and performance of the unit. In this case we would use Louvres to allow maximum airflow but reduce the noise being created.


This particular louvre was a challenge as it was designed to direct air in three different directions. The bottom was designed to extract air left to right, the middle was an air inlet and the top was designed to divert air upwards so that the middle inlet did not re-use warm air. For the finishing touch, we always powder coat the louvre to match the colours of it’s surroundings.

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