About us

Based in the heart of the West Midlands, our team of technical advisers, acoustic engineers, customer relations and workshop staff are true experts in acoustic treatments and sound proofing. We stock, manufacture and install a diverse range of products to ensure and guarantee effective sound reducing solutions.

With a background in sound proofing KATO Cranes, we witnessed the introduction of increased Health and Safety legislation and watched more and more businesses aim to meet noise reduction requirements. Over the years we’ve gained experience working across a wide range of industries from medical to refrigeration, helping businesses of all sizes effectively achieve their sound reduction goals.

Coming from humble beginnings, we’ve grown year on year as an organisation by building long lasting relationships with our clients, providing a professional service and continually delivering high quality products for the past 35 years.

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Sound Proofing

We provide a wide range of foams and sound proofing products to suit almost any purpose. Our products are fire retardant and comply with building regulations, data sheets are also available upon request.

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Vehicle & Cab Treatments

We design, manufacture and install acoustic kits to dramatically reduce vibrations, engine and transmission noise. We also offer a bespoke custom service to personalise your kits with logos, custom graphics and personalised colourways.

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Loud noise produced by engines and generators on yachts and boat is significantly decreased when using our boat box materials. We supply some of Britain’s top yachting companies with sound proofing solutions.

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