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Suppliers of Acoustic Materials

We’re proud to provide acoustic materials as one of our services. They include foam, laminates, carpet and barrier and floor mats. We’ve included a list of our products below but please visit our Products pages to see our full collection.

List of products


Acoustic Doors

All of our Acoustic Doors are made to measure so please refer to the Acoustic Doors Installation service for more information or simply get in touch for a quote.

Acoustic Enclosures

To ensure maximum quality, our Acoustic Enclosures are custom made. There’s more information on the Acoustic Enclosures Installation service page or simply get in touch for a quote.

Acoustic Laminates

We have a wide range of Acoustic Laminates with a variety of different properties designed to help you with your acoustic projects

Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic Louvres are custom built to ensure the best solution. We provide an installation service for Acoustic Louvres which has more info. Or simply contact us for a quote.

Acoustic Pressed Carpet

Acoustic Pressed Carpet is extremely versatile from studios to VW camper vans. As well as the flexibility it comes in a variety of colours to ensure it compliments its surroundings.

Acoustic Screens

Screens are built to fit their surroundings so please get in touch for a quote. You can find more info about Acoustic Screens on our Acoustic Screens Installation page.


Size is never an issue with our attenuators but they do need to be made to measure so you’ll need to get in touch to get a quote. There’s more information about them at our Attenuators Installation Service page.


We’ve a wide range of Barriers so please take a look at the product page for more details.

Cab Kits

The bespoke nature of our Cab Kits means they’re custom built to fit so please get in touch for a quote or visit the Cab Kit Installation page.

Floor Mats

Our floor mats can be cut to size and come in a wide range of textures and thickness so please do look at the product page for our full range.

Variety of Foam and Related Products

Click the button below to browse our wide range of foam and miscellaneous products perfect for any acoustic solution. From traditional foam materials to closed-cell neoprin, we’re confident we can sort you out.